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The Interactive AR Totem

The ultimate digital mirror to live the next legendary moment


The Selfie WOW Interactive AR Totem is an autonomous digital mirror kiosk that allows visitors, fans, and customers to live the ultimate immersive media experience and meet easily their legends in real time.

From sports events, product showcases, to premiers and concerts, users can freeze every unmissable moment while experimenting the power of AR Technology.

Creating social and personalized adventures with exclusive high-quality videos and pictures has never been that easy.


How it works?

Choose a character

Go into position

Take the photo

Enter data and pay





Receive digitally and retrieve print

Selfie WOW AR Totem in a nutshel


Fully automated, Photo and video to your email in a Social Media friendly format. Instant 10x15 HQ Digital Print and QR generator

Digital Interactive Mirror & 4k camera

AR content and characters, green-screen technology, 3D animated graphics, and friendly Interactive UI in 4k.

Network & Revenues

Autonomous kiosk that can work with a network connection. Payment system integrated.

Admin Panel and Analytics

The perfect data-collection tool. Generate private user data base to create profiled reports, and Back-end Sales Management


Totem is highly customisable and can be adapted to different Brands, designs and user experiences. Any character integrations.

Literally anywhere, 24/7!

One touch to a world of possibilities

Live events Concerts, Major sports even, Showrooms & fairs, Museums, Cinema premiers

The ultimate UX: Redefine the concept of Souvenirs

The complete personalized fun-filled media experiences that people will talk about for weeks to come.

What’s in for users?

Printed and digita Photo version

Upon data entry, the user will receive an email with their Selfie WOW, accompanied by a video of their experience or an Instant 10x15 HQ Digital Print with branding, sponsors, QR codes, character signatures and anything you desire!

Social Media Content

Creating new original content for social media is easy and automatic

The Event missing piece

The cherry on top of the event: meet your legend and preserve that moment forever.

Access to innovative technologies

AR at your fingertips and a status quo effect

I'm the #1 fan effect

The user can feel like Fan #1 and become part of a fan community.

New B2C touchpoint solution.
Amplify your Communication & unlock user loyalty.

The Marketing opportunities are endless...

The Selfie WOW AR Totem is Ideal for brands looking to innovate their customer engagement strategies.
Now, you can engage directly with your users in a fun and memorable way, and collect profiled data for advanced remarketing integrations.

Here's the potential in your hands:

Branded Totem & snap
Remarketing campaign with profiled audience datas
Brand Awareness
Email Marketing:
          - High open rate
          - Customizable email

Social Media Campaigns
Community building & growth
Data Capture, database and Back-end sales Management

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A little more about who we are

SelfieWoW is an interactive tech-media company developed by Multi Media Service (MMS). Our expertise lies in using cutting-edge immersive technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create Interactive Phygital Projects that leave a lasting impression on your audience. We believe in the power of crafting engaging touchpoints that will forge deep connections between brands and their customers. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible, we're redefining the landscape of the interactive events industry.

Our Mission

Design a phygital future - Bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences.

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